Erik Holt



Erik Holt was born in October 1989. Growing up in Geelong, Victoria and spending much time down the coast in Torquay and Jan Juc with his family and friends, Erik grew up loving the beach and the relaxed lifestyle associated with it. This love for the coast developed into a passion for photography in 2007, while studying Studio Art and Visual Communication and Design at Christian College, Geelong.

In 2008, Erik started working with Matthew Stevenson at Bell Street Printworks and Gallery in Torquay. Erik was able to develop not only his photographic skills but also learnt skills in Photoshop, printing and framing.
Erik’s love for the coast and its surrounds lead him to focus on surf and landscape photography. The many surf spots and beautiful landscapes along The Surf Coast have inspired him and his work. Erik has since branched out into sport, events, flora and fauna and commercial photography.

Erik has completed many photographic assignments for the Surfcoast and Bellarine Times newspapers. He has also had photos used by surf brands including Mylestone Apparel, Future People and On a Mission. Erik is also a regular contributor to the widely know surf forecasting site
In 2009 Erik got his first two page spread in “Australia’s Surfing Life” magazine. He was also asked to produce an ad for an Absolut Shame poster, which was seen all over Australia and the U.S.A.

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